Jan 28, 2019
AOC and cow

Dear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,

First of all, I just want to say what an inspiration you are! I have loved following your journey from winning your primary, to becoming the youngest woman to serve in the House of Representatives, to being featured all over the media. You are so articulate, unafraid to challenge the establishment, and a powerful speaker and advocate. I was especially excited when I learned that you are also a fellow Intel ISEF alumni with a science background! All these reasons that I think you are so incredible, are also why I felt I had to write this letter to you today.

As you very well know, climate change is a huge issue facing the world. Earlier this week you spoke to a group about the United Nation’s latest report which says that we have just 12 years to take drastic action before we start seeing major devastation from climate change. Given this very short time frame and the large potential for harm, I’m sure you agree with me, that the government as well as all us individuals, should be doing everything that we possibly can to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. That is why I was so disappointed to see you eating ice cream on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert the other night. I know that may sound weird, so let me explain.

I understand that addressing climate change is a top priority for you, and I am thrilled that you are pushing hard for change at the governmental level with your Green New Deal, yet you are missing one very large piece of the puzzle. While the energy sector is definitely the largest cause of carbon dioxide emissions, animal agriculture is actually THE single biggest overall driver of greenhouse gas emissions! This is because cows and other animals produce enormous amounts of methane, which has 86 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, and because grazing animals and growing feed crops are driving deforestation. An analysis from the World Bank, found that animal agriculture is responsible for a shocking 51% of all greenhouse gases. And did you know that 91% of the amazon destruction is also due to animal agriculture?

The most comprehensive analysis to date drawing on hundreds of studies and looking at more than 37,000 farms, found that animal products supply just 18% of calories globally, while using 83% of global farmland, and more than 30% of the worlds fresh water. The authors of this study concluded that based on the data, even the lowest impact animal foods had a significantly greater impact than most plant-based foods. This means that both our individual food choices as well as the current Farm Bill which provides large subsidies to agribusiness, are having a huge impact on climate change. It also means that we as individuals have immense power to shift our current course.

I know that you are truly dedicated to helping people and stopping climate change. That’s why I am urging you to please quit consuming animal products and supporting the very thing you are working against. It is critical that you and everyone else educate yourself more on this topic and learn all about veganism. There are incredible plant-based protein sources (including ice cream!) that are available almost everywhere now. I’m happy to provide you with resources, and I have even linked to some below. While I am truly hoping, your Green New Deal is passed, I simply don’t believe it will be enough soon enough. That is where individual choices can make a huge contribution. In particular, because unlike carbon dioxide which persists in the atmosphere long after emissions are stopped, methane from animals actually breaks down much more quickly. This means reducing methane emissions has a much more immediate impact than reducing carbon dioxide emissions. That is why we need an immediate shift away from animal products, towards plant-based living, and I believe you could be a huge part of making that shift happen. You have a large platform, and an incredible opportunity to share this information while also setting an example for others. So please, for the sake of our future, stand with me in support of plant-based living and an end to animal agriculture subsidies which continue to prop up this terribly destructive industry.

Wishing you all the best from Kansas!



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