Agriculture, Solving Climate Change, and Making Sense of Conflicting Numbers w/Sailesh Rao PhD)

Season #1 Episode #10

What is really the biggest cause of green house gas emissions? How much does animal agriculture actually contribute to climate change? What can we do to successfully  solve the environmental crisis ASAP?

All these questions and more are discussed in today’s episode with Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers where we cover:
- How climate science is politicized
- UN IPCC Conventions and bias
- The killing machine vs. the burning machine
- How to really solve climate change
- The role of colonization
- Overturning consumerism and supremacism
- An environmental crisis bigger than climate change
- Building a system based on peace and nonviolence

Sailesh Rao is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Climate Healers, and a systems engineer with over 3 decades of professional experience. Dr. Rao earned his PhD in electrical engineering from Standford University and has authored more than 20 technical peer reviewed papers, 13 patents, two books, and is the executive producer of 5 documentaries. Since 2006 he has made solving the climate crisis and healing the planet his full time work. Learn more at his website:

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