Is Lab-grown Meat REALLY a Sustainable and Ethical Food Solution? W/Vasile Stanescu

Season #1 Episode #8

Do you have questions about lab-grown meat? Wondering if it's really as sustainable and great for animals as great as many proponents claim?  Will it solve the ethical and environmental problems with our current food system and factory farming?

Today Dr. Vasile Stanescu joins me to take a holistic deep dive into the benefits and downside of lab-grown meat (AKA in vitro meat, cell-based meat, cultured meat, or clean meat)  and who this novel technology will really benefit!

We cover:
- what lab meat is/how its made
- what proponents claim this miracle product can do
- Will it help end animal exploitation and factory farming?
- Fetal bovine serum and animal inputs
- the sustainability of lab meat
- The validity of using the free market/technology to solve moral issues in society
- What do we really need to end speciesism?
- Corporate control of our food supply

Dr. Vasile Stanescu is associate professor of Communication Studies at Mercer University. Stanescu is co-editor of the Critical Animal Studies book series published by Rodopi/Brill, the co-founder of the North American Association for Critical Animal Studies (NAACAS), the former co-editor of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, and former co-organizer of the Stanford Environmental Humanities Project. Dr. Stanescu is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed publications on the critical study of animals and the environment. Dr. Stanescu’s research has been recognized by The Woods Institute for the Environment, Minding Animals International, The Andrew Mellon Foundation, the Culture and Animals Foundation, the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, and the Institutul Cultural Român (Institute for Romanian Culture), among others.

For more information and vegan perspectives on lab-grown meat, check out these others videos about lab-grown meat on my youtube channel and the brilliant, detailed, and fully referenced website: Clean Meat Hoax 

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