Nature, new technology and the collapse of civilization with Semih Oguzcan (PhD)

Season #1 Episode #6

Is progress and technological innovation always good? Is technology inherently unsustainable and incompatible with nature and human life on earth?

In today's episode I speak with Semih Oguzcan and environmental engineer and advocate trying to stop our 6th mass extinction on this planet. We take a deep dive in this episode into the nuance around technological innovation, evolution, science, and the unintended consequences are actions are having on human life.

Semih Oguzcan has an undergraduate degree in physics, masters degree in Nuclear Waste Management and Decommissioning, a PhD in Environmental Engineering. Semih has been involved in studies and projects about finding chemical alternatives to hazardous chemicals used in the industry and for commercial use.  He is a frequent lecturer at universities on environmental impact assessment.  Semih is also vegan, loves playing the guitar and talking with like minded and sensitive people, and his heart lies in nature.

Semih's youtube channel and film "Connections": 

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