S2E6 - Meat, Voters and Politicians - The Politics of Changing Our Food System w/Sparsha Saha PhD

Season #2

So why don’t politicians talk about meat consumption and animal agriculture? Is meat a “vote losing” topic and are governments and the elite actually “pushing veganism” on us?

Or can animal ethics become a political issue too, and if so, what framing will work best at the political level?

In today’s episode I speak with Sparsha Saha at Harvard university about her research studying meat politics from an empirical perspective!

Sparsha Saha is a Lecturer at the Department of Government at Harvard University. She is the only (empirical) political scientist who studies meat politics. Her research is broadly situated in the field of political behavior. She uses experiments to understand how voters respond to political attention on meat, animal rights, and related issue areas. Her work has been or will be featured in Political Behavior, Journal of Social and Political Psychology (forthcoming), and Frontiers in Nutrition (accepted). She has been covered by New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Yahoo Finance, Harvard Gazette, among others. She was honored as Harvard’s South Asian Woman of the Year in 2022

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